Brianna A.

Glow Candle Bar, Founder + CEO

Hey there! How are you feeling? Let me first say THANK YOU! for coming to my website, for following me on Instagram, for purchasing my candles, for supporting me in WHATEVER way, and for believing in me and my vision.

I am a God-fearing woman, trap music connoisseur, half-way vegan, natural haired enthusiast, lover of all things self-care, a sociable introvert, and a proud member of the #GirlBossTribe. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2012, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend The Johnson C. Smith University where I received my Bachelor degree in Business Management. All my life, I have always been the one behind the scenes, I was comfortable being there because of my observant and introverted ways. While that does have some pros, I never was able to shine a light on some of the goals that I’ve always kept to myself because of that. It was not until 2017, when I started Glow Candle Bar, where I really decided to take my goals more seriously and focus on inspiring and encouraging young women all around, especially black women. So BOOM! That’s me! Also, I promise you I am not this long-winded in real life.

I want you guys to know that anytime I come in contact with one of you, whether it be through face-face meeting or from purchasing one of my candles, that it keeps me focused on the purpose, it keeps me grounded, and it honestly gives me butterflies. So, let’s keep this GLOW UP going!

With love,